New Community of Practice at Lincoln

 posted by | 08/02/2019

A new Community of Practice is being formed at UoL.

The community aims to support staff engaging in video-enabled teaching, learning, assessment and feedback. The support will be both peer-to-peer but also from the Digital Education team. Other central departments may be brought in as needed to help initiatives scale-up and become more sustainable.

To join the community, you need to complete this short form:

The aim of the form is to capture current practices of video-enabled teaching, learning, assessment and feedback. This is to be used to build a contact list, inform the priorities for the next 12 months and develop appropriate mechanisms of support so that the community is bespoke to what members need.

This community relates to a project within the Digital Education Transformation Programme. It sits within the Digitally Enhanced Teaching, Learning and Assessment strand led by Dr. Sandy Willmott (Sports and Exercise Science).

Story submitted by Chavan Kissoon