School of Computer Science Research Seminar – Agents, Apps and Attention: Breaking Design Rules in CCI

 posted by | 12/03/2019

UCLAN’s Janet Read, Prof in Child Computer Interaction will be delivering a talk on Wednesday 20th at 16:30 in DCB1102, Brayford Campus.


Outrage from the press and stories of moral panic, as well as advice from health officials and governments have all highlighted that the childhoods of children are deeply affected by the everyday technologies they interact with. Drawing on over ten years of working with children and examining how design is implemented, this talk will present a new design paradigm for the future that breaks all the old rules. The talk will leave you wondering why you hadn’t thought of this before.

About of the speaker:

Professor Janet Read has over 15 years’ experience in Child Computer Interaction. She is a main author of the 2008 textbook ‘Evaluating Interactive Products with and for Children, San Francisco: Morgan Kaufmann ‘and is the Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Child Computer Interaction. She has over 200 peer-reviewed publications, with more than half of these being on Child Computer Interaction. She has delivered invited talks at over 30 institutions and has recently keynoted at CHIUxID in 2018 and ISD2017. She has examined more than 30 PhD students in nine different countries and has worked as a consultant / advisor to the BBC, Vision Objects, SAPO, Kano Computing and AlderHey hospital in the UK. Her most cited works are in three areas, design with children, the evaluation of fun with children and the application of digital ink with children for writing. Recently her work has focussed on the ethics of children’s participation in CCI research, on designing across different cultural contexts and on app and agent design.

Story submitted by Hannah McGowan