Research Induction

 posted by | 08/10/2019

We would like to invite any academic, technical or research support staff to attend a “Research Induction” session. The session will take place on the 16th of October, 12pm until 2pm.

This session will cover a brief introduction to:
-The Research and Industrial Partnerships team & College Support Teams
-Who’s who and what we do
-Signposting and support

The session will help to better understand how the research and industrial partnerships team and college support teams supports those conducting research:
-In the development of high-quality research
-In the development of our environment for research
-In the good conduct in research, ensuring regulatory requirements are adhered to through a review process that subjects research to a level of scrutiny in proportion to the risk of harm or adverse effect.
-Facilitating income generating collaborations with industry, contract research & consultancy, contract review and commercialisation.

To book your place please contact