Staff survey exploring University’s support for public engagement – your chance to give your thoughts

 posted by | 09/10/2019

PEARL is running a survey into attitudes amongst University of Lincoln staff and students to public engagement to see how attitudes have been affected by two years UKRI funding to enhance its support for public engagement with research. UKRI values public engagement which makes university research more accessible, relevant and valuable because sharing knowledge, enriching lives, supporting communities and strengthening places and all help wider society, while universities become better known, more beneficial and better connected. For all these reasons, public engagement is vital for any modern university.

The UKRI funding 2017-19 enabled the establishment of PEARL (Public Engagement for All with Research at Lincoln) which over the last two years, has aimed to support public engagement through a range of initiatives including a new CPD training for staff and students; annual grants to fund new activity; a new website; new social media feeds; staff profile tabs to make public engagement more visible; a new annual report ‘Discover’ showcasing publicly engaged research; public engagement embedded within staff appraisal; annual staff conferences to share inspirational successes and new Vice Chancellor’s Awards for public engagement so that excellence can be rewarded. The university is now participating in national public engagement initiatives such as Pint of Science and Being Human as well as offering an increasing number and range of local activities, all of which can be shown to benefit increasingly diverse communities.

One of PEARL’s first actions in2017 was to carry out a survey exploring what staff and students thought about the University’s support for public engagement with research. Now the UKRI funded period is ending, the PEARL team are repeating the 2017 survey to see how attitudes have been affected and what should be focussed on next. Everyone is invited complete the survey at The deadline is 31st October 2019.