New ICT Service Updates

 posted by | 11/05/2022

In response to user feedback, ICT Services have started to implement some significant changes to the way we communicate to all staff and students regarding all things ICT.

Service Updates Web Page

We have been working hard to develop a new resource to allow users to check if University systems and services are available or experiencing issues, or if there is any upcoming planned maintenance.

A new web page for Service Updates is now available on our website which includes information on Service Issues and upcoming Planned Maintenance, as well as a list of all University systems and their availability.

You can visit the new page at – remember to bookmark it in your web browser!

All Staff and Student Emails

As part of the addition of our Service Updates page, we will also be updating our All Staff and Student email templates to reflect different categories of email. These emails are colour-coded and will be used in different scenarios:

• Red: Service Issues – for unexpected or unplanned issues with systems or services.
• Green: Resolved Issues – for announcements that issues have been fixed and resolved.
• Yellow: Planned Maintenance – for upcoming standard maintenance which may cause disruption for specific users.
• Blue: Information – for general ICT announcements and information.

You’ll start to see these changes come into effect very soon, so keep an eye out for the new emails over the next couple of weeks.

Why are we doing this?

We’ve received a lot of feedback from users about our ICT email announcements and are aiming to reduce and refine the emails we send.

By creating an always-available Service Updates page and using colour-coded emails, we hope to reduce the number of non-essential emails we send, as well as give more control to you when it comes to accessing information about ICT maintenance and service issues.

Story submitted by Alex Dunn