Time Management workshop

 posted by | 01/06/2022

This engaging workshop from 10.00 – 12.30 will give you the opportunity to:
– Better understand individual strengths and development areas with time management
– Use the urgent vs. important matrix
– Distinguish between “big and little rocks”
– Prioritise the different areas of your role
– Deal effectively with “time stealers”
– Identify achievable steps to put into practice

As a result of the workshop, you’ll learn how to deal more effectively with the area of time management you find most challenging, e.g. procrastination, planning, dealing with interruptions, saying “no” assertively. The workshop has been tailored to the current pandemic and remote working, to support staff in their current circumstances.

This course is for members of staff who find managing their time challenging and would like to be more effective at work.

To book a place, please visit My View.

Story submitted by Angela Cleall-Harding