Share the Power of Payroll Giving

 posted by | 01/07/2022

Payroll Giving is a powerful way to support your chosen charity enabling them to provide vital services to those in need. Your tax-free donations make a difference!

View StC Payroll Giving calculator by using the link here:

During July and August, Stc Payroll Giving is asking you to Share the Power of Payroll Giving by sending them your stories, telling them why you support your charity and how Payroll Giving has enabled you to give more for less.

Each month StC Payroll Giving will be awarding a charity a gift of £50 to the best submission. The opportunity is open to those who join the Payroll Giving scheme during July or August or who make a new regular additional donation. Send your videos or stories with photos to

It’s a win for you and your charity. Sign up to support your charity today by clicking on the link and completing the simple form:

Story submitted by Krista Zemite