Help us find out how exactly dogs affect human wellbeing

 posted by | 06/07/2022

A large international study is looking for 1000 dog owners to investigate the key factors that explain how dogs affect the wellbeing of their owners. Dog owners who wish to participate in this investigation will answer a weekly survey, over the course of one month, about what they have done with their dogs in the last 7 days and how it affected their well-being. Your responses will allow us to identify the dog-related activities that improve/worsen human wellbeing the most. This study aims to be the biggest investigation of its kind, which will hopefully tell people far more about what it is about being a dog owner which affects your wellbeing both positively and negatively.

To learn more and take part and help realise the true potential of dogs, please access the following link:

Dog owners from all around the world are welcome to join this study.

The research team and contact details:

Prof Daniel Mills – University of Lincoln (UK) –

Dr Ana Barcelos – University of Lincoln (UK) –

Dr Sophie Hall – University of Nottingham (UK)

Prof John Maltby – University of Leicester (UK)

Dr Niko Kargas – University of Lincoln (UK)

Dr Phil Assheton – Statistician (Berlin, Germany)

Ethics reference: 2022_0503

Story submitted by Ana Maria Barcelos