DKMS Blood Stem Cell Donor Registration Event

11 OCT
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On Tuesday 11th October, the University of Lincoln, Barclays Eagle Labs and DKMS will be partnering up to host a donor recruitment event between the hours of 9am-2pm in the Minerva Building Atrium.

For many blood cancer patients, a blood stem cell donation is their only chance of survival, but only half of the people diagnosed in the UK find a matching donor.

If you are in general good health, between the ages of 17-55 you can become a potential blood stem cell donor. All it takes on the day is to complete a form and give us three swabs of the inside of your cheeks, and you could be someone’s hope of surviving blood cancer. It’s that simple!

We’re not stopping until we find a matching donor for every person in need, but we need your help.

Join us on 11th October in the Minerva Atrium.
Join us anytime between 9am-2pm.

If you decide to register, it will only take 10 minutes of your time to check you are eligible, complete a consent form and give a quick cheek swab sample.

It costs DKMS £40 to register each new potential donor, so please consider making a donation towards your registration costs.
Please consider registering as you could be someone’s lifesaver.

Story submitted by Tyler Trenam