Academic Paper Published in the Technological Forecasting & Social Change

 posted by | 03/10/2022

Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman, an Associate Professor from the Lincoln International Business School, has recently published his paper ‘SMEs respond to climate change: Evidence from developing countries in the Technological Forecasting & Social Change (ABS 3*).

Dr. Rahman and his colleagues Ashraful Alam; Anna Du; Hassan Yazdifar and Kaleemullah Abbasi, present the impact of climate change on SMEs’ innovation from a resource-based view (RBV) standpoint.

Dr. Rahman commented: “Using the generalized method of moments) estimation of panel data for 443 SMEs from 14 developing countries during the period 2007–2016, we found that climate change has a significant positive impact on SMEs”.

Story submitted by Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman