NEW DATE: Medieval Studies Research Group Seminar Series – December

12 DEC 2023
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New Date: Tuesday 12 December 2023, 5 – 6pm (on Zoom)

Dear All,

We hope you will join us for our next talk in the MSRG Research Seminars Series, which features Nicola Meyrick who will discuss ‘Divided Christians in Eighth-century Iberia: Why the Adoptionism Crisis Was Only Half the Story’. Details are pasted below.

You can register for this talk on our Eventbrite site. Zoom details will be sent via email to all enrolled participants.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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The Medieval Studies Team

Speaker: Nicola Meyrick (Lincoln)

In this talk I look at a mysterious group who were caught up in the slipstream of a supposed heresy. The heresy was Adoptionism, and the aspect I will examine is a dissident group of purist Christians who lived near Córdoba, the capital of Islamic Iberia or al-Andalus, in the 780s and 790s.

These dissident Christians from the south are often known as Migetians and are usually treated as a prelude or a footnote to accounts of the Adoptionism crisis. I will argue that the Migetians are worthy of study in their own right because of the light they can shed on the lives and practices of at least some Christians in the period.

I will suggest that the story of these dissidents illustrates divisions among Christians in al-Andalus in the late eighth century – and that related networks may still have been operating a couple of generations later.


Nicola is a part-time PhD student at the University of Lincoln. She is researching a thesis, provisionally entitled ‘Resisting Assimilation: remaining Christian in al-Andalus’, on the lives and practices of dissident Christians living in Muslim-ruled parts of the Iberian peninsula in the eighth, ninth and tenth centuries. Her main supervisor is Professor Jamie Wood.

Nicola worked for many years at the BBC as a current affairs producer and editor before taking early retirement in 2015. She then did an MA in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies at King’s College, London before starting her PhD – which she sees as an opportunity to pursue her lifelong passions for Spain and for medieval history.

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