Essential English

 posted by | 11/02/2019

Many of us have to write various forms of business communication as part of our daily work, yet it can be a worrying responsibility. English is a rich and varied language and getting the grammar, punctuation and spelling correct is an expectation many feel anxious about.

Designed for writers with English as a first language, the ‘ ‘Essential English – Grammar, punctuation and spelling for the anxious writer’ workshop addresses areas of grammar, punctuation and spelling that cause the most common errors and lead to writing anxiety.

Learning Outcomes:
• To improve your confidence in your ability to write English correctly
• To identify common areas of concern and address them
• To examine some basics of grammar and punctuation and understand how they impact on your writing
• To discover some memory aids to ensure correct grammar.

This course is designed for business writers at all levels who would like to bolster their confidence in written English. Note- this workshop is not intended as an English for foreign languages event.

To book onto this programme, please click on the link below and select ‘book a place’ and find ‘Essential English – Grammar, punctuation and spelling for the anxious writer’ in the course list:

Story submitted by Rachael Williams