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Research Misconduct – Links for Further Information

The University expects all members of the University including staff and students and those who are not members of the University but who are conducting research on university premises, to observe the highest standards of ethics and integrity in the conduct of their research.

Research Integrity

Research integrity is another name for ‘good research practice’. It’s the conduct of research in ways that promote trust and confidence in all aspects of the research process.

LIBS Senior Lecturer Presented the Recent Research at ISBE Annual Conference 2022

Dr Jialin Hardwick, Senior Lecturer at Lincoln International Business School, attended the ISBE (The Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship) annual conference 2022 and presented the recent research ‘Trust development in the commercialisation of innovation in the digital age’ in York, UK, 28th October 2022 on behalf of the research team (with Dr Barry Ardley), Lincoln International Business School, University of Lincoln.