Research Commercialisation Process & Validation

This session will be aimed at researchers in all disciplines who are, or who may be, working on academic research that could have a commercial impact and will include the following: – The options for research commercialisation – what are they? – What are the relative pro’s and con’s of each? – What type or […]

Bridging Academia & Industry: Real-world insights into product design & development

The presentation will aim to offer academics a comprehensive view of the product design development and commercialisation process as it unfolds in the real world. It’s designed to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and industrial applications, providing practical perspective on product development and valuable insights for those interested in seeing how their research and […]

Securing R&D and Innovation Grants

The session will cover two key areas in the securing of grants from public agencies. Strategic Considerations: Appreciation of the strategic issues needed to secure grant funding. Concepts covered: applicant profiles, competition interpretation and project idea development & optimisation. Bid development and writing methods: Tools, approaches, recommendations to produce high quality grant funding applications. The […]