Do you want to potentially help with the monitoring of Parkinson’s Disease movement symptoms through the development of new technology?

 posted by | 19/07/2019

Participants are wanted for a new investigation in to whether computer software can distinguish video recordings of walking patterns caused by Parkinson’s disease from ‘normal’ walking patterns.

You will be asked to participate in a simple walking task on one occasion, over a maximum total distance of 10 metres (3 x 3 metres). You must be able to walk unaided over this distance. Your walking pattern (gait) will be captured using a standard video recorder. You will be fully clothed throughout but ideally in close-fitting clothing. The session is expected to take 15-20 minutes.

To be included in the study you must NOT have a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease or consider yourself to potentially have movement difficulty due to Parkinson’s disease. You will be aged between 40-65 years old. You will be male / female.

This research could have implications for the monitoring of Parkinson’s disease progression and medication control. If you are potentially interested in participating, please contact Ross Clifford, Senior Lecturer at the University of Lincoln, on or 01522 835450.

This study ‘Can machine-learning from camera-captured data be used to distinguish poorly controlled Parkinson’s disease induced gait patterns from normal gait?’ has received a favourable ethical opinion by a University of Lincoln Research Ethics Committee: Ethics reference: 2019-Feb-0337

Story submitted by Ross Clifford