The Permeable University – A new manifesto

 posted by | 25/11/2019

The University of Lincoln’s 21st Century Lab this week launches its new manifesto – intended to encourage fresh thinking to create a strong, vibrant and relevant higher education sector for the 21st Century.

The Permeable University manifesto addresses the purpose of universities in the 21st Century, and sets out the relevance and significance of universities in supporting our societies at a time of significant upheaval and volatility.

The pioneering manifesto comes from the University’s 21st Century Lab, which brings together international experts to open up thinking about the role that higher education should play in responding to the extensive changes we are seeing across the world in our economies, our societies, our nations, and in our cultures.

The manifesto sets out a series of 10 interrelated grand challenges. They are not intended to be predictive of what will come next but instead illustrate the complex, interrelated and unpredictable nature of change we are experiencing.

It is featured today in Wonkhe, as Professor Mary Stuart and Liz Shutt detail the project and invite colleagues to be inspired, challenged and stimulated by the 21st Century Lab, and most of all to join the discussion.

The article is available to read online and more information can be found on the new 21st Century Lab website.