In Memory of Professor Brian Winston

 posted by | 11/04/2022

We are saddened to hear of the passing of Prof Brian Winston, the Lincoln Chair. Brian was a remarkable person who contributed greatly to the University and academia throughout a distinguished career. He was much loved by colleagues and students. He will be missed enormously by the University community. The thoughts and condolences of all the University of Lincoln community go to his friends and family.

Brian’s career has recently been celebrated in a new book, It’s the Media, Stupid! edited by his University of Lincoln colleague and friend, Richard Lance Keeble. The book brings together ten original essays by leading international academic colleagues to celebrate his distinguished career.

Brian occupied major roles in the broadcast industry and academy in both the US and UK and his achievements over the years have been recognised with numerous awards.

As well as securing prestigious international prizes for his books and films, he was also the recipient of the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement Writing for an Information Series in 1985.

As a teacher and writer of textbooks, Brian was admired by students and colleagues alike, his crowning achievement came in 2007 when he was named The Lincoln Professor, the highest academic honour at the University. Brian was also the University’s Jewish Faith Advisor and worked closely with colleagues within the Multi Faith Chaplaincy. He will be missed by us all.