Active Bystander

 posted by | 09/05/2022

This session aims for participants to develop Active Bystander skills that can be used to address inappropriate behaviours in the workplace if seen, witnessed or experienced.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

– Identify and challenge various forms of bullying and harassment in the workplace
– Know how to access support in-line with policies and procedures
– How to be an active bystander when you see or witness inappropriate behaviour
– Develop an action plan on how you will use the tools and techniques you have learnt in the session

This workshop is open to all staff with no prerequisites and will be delivered in person. Delegates will receive handouts and information on location prior to the session. Please note this is mandatory for staff to complete.

To book a place, please click on the link below and select ‘Active Bystander’:

Story submitted by Lisa Ross