Carers and Parents Staff Survey- Have Your Say!

 posted by | 30/05/2022

Calling all staff carers and parents,

We would like to invite you to take part in a study investigating experiences of different staff members with caring responsibilities working at the University of Lincoln.
We are interested in collecting views from academic, professional and support staff from across the university. The survey is open to all staff who care for children (as a biological or adoptive parent or foster carer) and/or who provide unpaid care (including but not limited to help with personal care, domestic tasks, shopping and medical needs) for an adult friend, partner or relative who would not be able to cope without that support.

Your input to this research is critically important and can help us understand how to better support staff members with caring responsibilities. All participants are eligible to take part in a prize draw to win a copy of Kate Mosse’s book ‘An Extra Pair of Hands’.

To access more information about the study or to take part please go to

If you would prefer to complete a paper copy of the survey, or if you would like some assistance in completing it, please contact Leila Lamoureux on

This study has ethical approval from the university’s ethics committee (Ref 2022-8692).

Story submitted by Rebecca Sanderson