Customer Service

 posted by | 12/07/2022

The aim of this online workshop is to arm participants with the skills required to establish excellent customer service. It has been tailored to include elements of agile/home/remote working.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

– Identify who your customers are and why customer service is so important
– Look at ways of creating a positive and welcoming first impression – physically, remotely and online
– Be aware of the dangers of making assumptions
– Be familiar with 10 easy steps to diffusing a customer’s anger
– Understand the prerequisites of good customer service
– Read and understand body language (customers and our own)
– Gain a better understanding of behavioural types and styles – assertive, aggressive, passive and passive aggressive
– Look at effective forms of communication and active listening, building empathy and rapport
– This session is designed for staff who are in a front facing role interacting with customers

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Story submitted by Angela Cleall – Harding