Café Scientifique’s Free Events Relaunched at The Drill

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The popular monthly event The Café Scientifique is set at The Drill, Lincoln for the first time since the pandemic.

Accompanied by the tagline ‘bring science back into culture’, the series of informal talks which started in 2019, approach scientific research from an accessible and enjoyable angle intended to increase general understanding while engaging the public in topical discussions.

The Café Scientifique was jointly established by Graham Law, Co-Director of the Lincoln Clinical Trials Unit and Professor in Medical Statistics in Lincoln’s College of Social Science, and his wife, Dr Nicki Law, who works as a local GP.

The first event following its reopening on the 11 October will be on the topic of “Battling Bias in Forensic Science”, led by Dr Hilary Hamnett, Associate Professor in Forensic Science at Lincoln’s School of Chemistry.

Dr Hamnett said: “Talking to members of the public on the jury about my science has always been a really interesting challenge – particularly answering the curveball questions!”

Upcoming talks in the series include “Challenging Gender Stereotypes” by Dr Sean Morton and “Cyber Crime” by Elizabeth Murray.

Speakers will present a short talk on their subject before welcoming questions to help cultivate a meaningful connection between lay people and scientific themes.

The Drill will sell food and refreshments throughout the evening to contribute to the informal backdrop of the initiative.

Each Café Scientifique event is free to attend and will occur on the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm – 8:30pm. Due to limited places, it is recommended that people wishing to attend register in advance.