Black History Month 2022

 posted by | 30/09/2022

Staff and students are invited to celebrate Black History Month, with a series of events on campus and online during October.

As part of its central strategic lead for equality, diversity and inclusion, the Eleanor Glanville Institute has coordinated a programme of activities for our community to participate in. With Reimagining Lincolnshire and the University Library also running important events throughout the month.

A full calendar of activities can be found here on the Eleanor Glanville Institute’s website.

Pro Vice Chancellor and Race Equality Champion, Professor Abigail Woods said: “In a fair world we would not need a Black History Month. We would not need a special celebration of black history, heritage and culture because they would be constantly celebrated. But while much has changed in the 35 years since Black History Month was initiated as an annual event in the UK, racial inequality persists. Despite the best efforts of activists and their allies, Black achievements are still misrepresented, under-valued and overlooked.

“The purpose of Black History Month is to challenge and change this situation. Through talks, exhibitions, panel discussions and other activities, we aim to raise awareness of Black successes, to acknowledge Black lives well lived, and to promote recognition of Black history as everyone’s history: we have all shaped and been shaped by it.”

Professor Belinda Colston, Director of the Eleanor Glanville Institute, said: “Every year, every October, we celebrate Black History Month across the University and across the UK. First celebrated in the UK in 1987, Black History Month gives everyone the opportunity to share, celebrate and understand the impact of black heritage and culture ─ how those with African and Caribbean heritage have for centuries played a fundamental role in British history. Remember what they have contributed, what they have achieved. Reflect on whether their contributions are recognised, valued, or are they ignored, forgotten? Throughout the month, everyone is welcome to engage and participate in our Black history events.

Everyone is invited to remember our Black history ─ not just in October, but always. We can all learn more by considering our past. We can learn about our triumphs. We can learn about our failures. We can all learn more about racism and its impact on individuals and on communities. We can all learn how to challenge our negative stereotypes.”

The University of Lincoln is delighted to celebrate Black History Month 2022, as it is a chance for all within our community to learn about black history, and provides an opportunity to build on our One Community values.

As a university, we have committed to recognise and uphold the five principles of our One Community Values: equality, understanding, listening, kindness, acceptance. We encourage all staff and students to join us in celebrating Black History Month this October.