Notifying Funders of Upheld Allegations: of Fraud, Research Misconduct, Bullying or Harassment; Active Warnings or Sanctions

 posted by | 18/11/2022

Notifying funders of upheld allegations: of fraud, research misconduct, bullying or harassment; active warnings or sanctions.

Many funding bodies believe that everyone has a right to be treated fairly and with dignity and respect. They are committed to promoting safe research and innovation environments. To this end, some have developed and implemented preventing harm (safeguarding) in research and innovation policies to support individuals and organisations, to enhance their approach to preventing and addressing actual or potential harms in their research and innovation activities building on good practice where it exists.

In accordance with funder terms and conditions, the university is required to notify funders of any upheld allegations of fraud, research misconduct, bullying or harassment against University of Lincoln (UoL) employee(s) who are named on a UKRI funding application, with active warnings or sanctions in place.

Any sharing of UoL employee’s personal data for this purpose is in accordance with the University’s Data Protection Policy.

This process is embedded in both the universities Disciplinary policy and Grievance (Bullying and Harassment) Policy and Procedure

Story submitted by Sam Lewis