Research Misconduct – Links for Further Information

 posted by | 18/11/2022

The University expects all members of the University including staff and students and those who are not members of the University but who are conducting research on university premises, to observe the highest standards of ethics and integrity in the conduct of their research.

The University’s Procedure for the Investigation of Misconduct of Research (UKRIO) covers the procedure to follow in the case of potential cases of research misconduct.

UKRIO defines misconduct in research as including, but not limited to:

• a) Fabrication;
• b) Falsification;
• c) Misrepresentation of data and/or interests and/or involvement;
• d) Plagiarism; and
• e) Failures to follow accepted procedures or to exercise due care in carrying out responsibilities for:
i) avoiding unreasonable risk or harm to:
animals used in research; and
the environment; and
ii) the proper handling of privileged or private information on individuals collected during the research.

This list is not intended to be exhaustive.

The University of Lincoln subscribes to The Concordat to Support Research Integrity and follows its Procedure for the Investigation of Misconduct of Research (UKRIO).

Anyone wishing to raise concerns about the integrity of research can do so in confidence by contacting:

• Stephanie Armstrong (UKRIO Deputy Named Person): 01522 886179 /
• Professor Jon Whitehead (UKRIO Deputy Named Person): 01522 835886 /

Further details may be found here

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