Inclusive Leadership

 posted by | 24/10/2023

This interactive and practical workshop explores how we can reframe EDI both from a personal and systemic perspective and begin having more meaningful conversations and allowing people, in a safe environment, to both understand ‘inclusive leadership’ and develop personal strategies to ensure individual and systemic biases are effectively managed.

The session will be designed to challenge participants’ thinking and to:

– Define and understand in depth what EDI is and how it applies to us
– Allow participants to see EDI in a way that places the focus on culture and systems
– Recognising why we have biases and what contributes to how our biases form e.g. the role of stereotypes and our personal/professional networks
– Understanding the impact of biases on organisational and individuals through relevant case studies
– Identifying practical strategies to minimise the impact of biases on people e.g. how to create personal and systemic nudges that encourage ‘active listening, honest feedback and moving beyond our comfort levels when interacting with others.

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Story submitted by Jo Wilkinson