The Medieval Mediterranean – A new series

21 NOV 23
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You are invited to join the fourth international webinar series, The Medieval Mediterranean: Local and Global Perspectives which is co-organised by our Medieval Studies Research Group, the Society for the Medieval Mediterranean, the Woolf Institute (Cambridge), the IMF-CSIC (Barcelona) and the Universities of Edinburgh and Exeter

This new series will start with the following event:

‘Approaching the Early Medieval Iberian Economy from the Ground Up’ – Tuesday 21 November, 5pm (UCT)

This webinar offers an overview of the economy of the Iberian Peninsula in the Visigothic period, the many different ways that people experienced economic changes and how the lives of individuals were linked to and shaped broader economic systems.

The speakers are: Sara Prata, Nerea Fernández Cadenas, Linda Gosner and Damián Fernández.

More information here:

The event is free, but to access it you’ll need to register here:

Please, feel free to share this widely and looking forward to seeing you there!

Story submitted by Antonella Liuzzo Scorpo