National Learning at Work Week 13 – 17 May: Apprenticeships

15 MAY
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Here at the University of Lincoln, we offer academic, professional and management apprenticeships as a work-based development option for colleagues to further enhance their professional development.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time as an apprentice, I am hoping to eventually take on my next level of studies to further enhance my development within my role in the future. I am extremely grateful for the university offering me the opportunity to enrol onto an apprenticeship and would encourage anybody thinking about enrolling to do so!”
Joe Miller, Payroll Services Administrator

What are apprenticeships?
Apprenticeships are work-based professional learning opportunities, often with professional qualifications attached. They offer an alternative to traditional classroom based taught programmes. Research has shown that successful completion of apprenticeships helps to increase earning potential, improve career progression and provide real-time organisational impact for employers. The University of Lincoln offers colleagues apprenticeships at all levels, up to and including master’s level (levels 2-7), with a variety of study options to suit your needs.

How can you study alongside your daily work?
When on an apprenticeship you can study flexibly while you continue with your job. Twenty percent of your work time will be allocated for learning, which may be delivered online or through face-to-face tutorials, workshops, and seminars. The learning component may take place within the workplace or at another location. The duration of the apprenticeship will vary for each vocation. Part-time colleagues are welcome to apply, though please note that your apprenticeship may take longer to complete.

We recommend that you meet with your line Manager in the first instance to discuss the apprenticeship that is right for you.
Apply for an Apprenticeship ( to start your learning journey.

“For me personally, the best parts of the apprenticeship are the flexibility, the level of support you receive from your mentor. The areas that are covered during the course, and how they are covered were logical and tailored to my learning styles”.
Joe Willey Senior Payroll Services Officer

Story submitted by Angela Cleall-Harding