Long Time No See: A Conservation of Cultural Heritage Exhibition

07 - 14 June
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“Long Time No See” is a cultural heritage exhibition curated by third-year BA(Hons) Conservation of Cultural Heritage students.

It serves as a platform to showcase the essence of conservation through the lens of time, materials, and memories. The Conservation of Cultural Heritage department is not always known across the wider campus, and this exhibition is an opportunity to not only visit the laboratories, but also to gain an understanding as to what the department does and the wide array of historic objects that are worked on.

This exhibition is free to attend and is located in room PDW1010 in the Peter de Wint building. Opening times are 9:30am to 5pm on Monday – Friday, and 10am to 4pm on Saturday. If you plan to visit the exhibition on Saturday the 8th, free tickets will need to be booked in advance, which are available on the website. The exhibition is open until the 14th of June, and we would look forward to seeing you – students will be available to guide you through the exhibition and talk about their work.

For more information about this exhibition, and to read about the objects on show and the students who have worked on them, please visit the following website: https://con3057-2324-ba3conexhibition.coursework.lincoln.ac.uk/

Story submitted by Josephine McKenzie